Top 5 accessories for iPhone Xr

Top 5 accessories for iPhone Xr

1. Double sided magnetic case

Double sided magnetic glass case consists of 360* magnetic frame which gives the best fit to the phone and high protection to the edges of the phone. Magnetic glass case protect both display and back of the phone and prevent it from scratches and outdoor shocks. It is available on Casewale starting at just 1099 INR.

2. 5D tempered glass screen protector

5D tempered screen protector is found best fir iPhone Xr. It protects the display from scratches and shocks. It has high durability and anti resistant features. it is pure glass and has the whole clear transparency to the screen. Its a anti water screen glass protector with no bubbles. It is available on Casewale at just 1099 INR.

3. Splitter for iPhone 

Splitter plays a 2 in 1 role iPhone with a feature of charging jack and headphone connectivity. Splitter is considered to be the important need for iPhone users nowadays. You can get the splitter on online shopping sites starting from 499 INR.

4. Mini Digital 10000 mAh power bank 

 Totu Mini digital display 10000 mAh power bank is found to be the best for iPhone users. It consists of lithium polymer batteries and gives the output interface of USB DC and type C. It has a key feature of smart charge and weighs around 0.5 kg. It is available on Casewale starting at just 2999 INR

5. Camera lens protector

Camera lens protector is an essential accessory for iPhone Xr as it has high sensitive and efficient camera glasses. You can buy these lens protectors at online shopping sites starting at just 299 INR.

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