Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs 4th Gen Which is best Smart Speaker? / full comparison

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs 4th Gen  Which is best Smart Speaker? / full comparison

Echo Dot 3rd gen v/s Echo Dot 4th gen

Echo Dot 4th gen is  brings a completely refreshed design to the smart speaker. It has a distinctive spherical design in comparison to the cylindrical shape on Echo Dot 3rd gen and earlier models. 

Echo Dot fourth-generation half covered  body in both plastic and fabric. The Echo Dot 3rd gen also has a same kind of built featuring a fabric finish on the sides, with the top portion made of plastic.

The fourth-generation Echo Dot will be available in three colour options including charcoal, white and blue while Echo dot 3rd generation comes in three colour variants which include charcoal, white, and grey.

Alexa features Technology

Echo dot 3 and 4 generation have the same functionality with Alexa; But , the fourth generation smart speaker  comes with the AZ1 Neural Edge chip which gives some effective improvements in terms of responsiveness and speed.


Echo Dot 3rd and 4th generation prices

The price for Echo Dot 4th generation has been set to $49.99 while,

The price for Echo Dot 3rd generation has been set to $29.99.


What should you buy?

Echo Dot 3rd generation is cheaper than Echo Dot 4th generation. If you are looking for something small and cheaper and efficient functions then the old model is brilliant and effective.

If you’re not so worried about price, buy the new speaker as it has a good attractive model and more audio functions then old model.

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