Best Wireless mouse under 1000 / Easy to buy Latest

Best Wireless mouse under 1000 / Easy to buy Latest

Best Wireless mouse under 1000 

1. Logitech M275 wireless

Logitech M275 is best with Mac, Windows and Linux as well.The company claims 18-months of battery life with an advanced sensor and energy efficiency technology.Its large surface area of pads ensures the mouse glides smoothly if used on a quality or even a half-decent mouse pad. The mouse comes with a Nano receiver and can be paired easily using the Logitech Connect Utility. The battery compartment on its belly has a slot for storing the receiver so that you don’t lose it.


2. Lenovo N100 wireless

This mouse is best with both Windows and Mac.It comes with a very compact receiver which maintains a low profile while plugged into the system, so you don’t get distracted by it in any way; just plug and forget. The receiver is kept inside the mouse belly so that you don’t lose it when not in use.The mouse works fine from a long distance as long as it is kept in direct line of sight of the receiver.


3. HP Z3700 wireless

 this mouse is known for its lightweight, usability and sleek design. It looks classy and feels premium at the same time. This wireless mouse is comfortable and can last up to 16 months on a single AA battery.The HP Z3700 wireless mouse is slim enough to carry in a pocket and use it anywhere you want. With the 2.4 GHz wireless connection, it can be connected seamlessly to any laptop. Because of the optical sensor, it works on almost any surface.


4. DELL WM126

This Dell mouse is heavier than the competitors once you insert the battery, which feels sturdier and in control rather than a simple plastic mouse. The battery lasts up to 1-year that provides you peace of mind knowing that you can stay powered up longer virtually anywhere.The mouse comes ready to plug and play via the included receiver and can connect up to six compatible devices with a single receiver.


5. MICROSOFT 3500 wireless

This mouse is powered by Blue tark technology. It is an advanced tracking technology meaning which works seamlessly on any kind of surface. It is compact in size, looks elegant and very easy to handle.The Nano transceiver that comes with the mouse can be left plugged as it sticks out less than a centimetre from the USB port of the laptop, so less the chance of losing it.

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